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As globally-minded company, we do not hesitate to take full advantage of the opportunity to conquer new markets around the world, beyond cultures and boundaries.

Since its creation, EMI has been assumed a strong, sustainable growth ethic and this development is taking place in France and abroad


EMIs experience in the industrial sector began when EMI International was established in July 2000 in Romania, so that the equipment manufactured and supplied by EMI France could be sold, installed and maintained.

In just a few years, EMI International has become a key partner in the Romanian market. For example, 80% of supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout Romania use EMIs equipment.


Following its first steps in 2004, EMI has already become well known in Russia as a trustworthy, key partner. Building site management services and maintenance contracts have proved to be highly successful. The whole equipment range is widely available and has received certifications specific to Russian market.

EMI has demonstrated its ability to meet the expectations of its customers and rise to all challenges faced on building sites and in maintenance management in the following cities: Moscow, St Petersbourg, Nighni Nozgorod, Ekaterinbourg and Novossibirsk.

It is a fact, that the distance between Novossibirirk and Moscow is greater than the distance between Paris and Moscow.


EMI settled in Maghreb by creating EMI MA in 2006 in the city of Casablanca. A technical team was established to provide a whole range of services, such as sales, installation and maintenance, for all EMI equipment.

Following the success of this development, EMI MA opened a new office in Tanger. EMI MA gained the trust of its customers both locally with Consumar, Mariane and Bimo and internationally with DHL, GEODIS and Gefco.

In 2008, EMI MA launched the production of its own automatic doors in Casablanca. The activity has expanded to produce flexible doors, overhead sectional doors, metallic shutters, gates …


EMI UA was created in 2007 and manages the sales, installation and maintenance of the EMI equipment range. The professionalism of EMI Experts has been appreciated by many investors.

Several of the largest supermarket brands have chosen to trust us, as well as many logistical groups.