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EMI Contract for monitoring and maintenance

Our maintenance commitment

Being operative is a strategic point in the daily life of your business for your site closures, (fence, gate, doors ..), as for the safety of goods and persons, and as for the contunity of workflow.

EMI contract for monitoring and maintenance:

    • We visit biannually or more depending on your requests.
    • We respond to an event within 24 hours, even on a Saturday.
    • We provide regulatory control according to EN 13241-1,
    • We write a book of control allowing you to have a personalized follow-up for each piece of equipment;
    • We monitor position by position maintenance costs on demand.

The EMI contract for monitoring and maintenance is part of our effective relationship with our customers.

EMI contract for maintenance is meant to be the solution to the following:

1/ Legislation : it makes you responsible :

«To ensure the personnel safety, the employer must be sure that the technical maintenance in the workplace, on equiment and tools, is carried out and that any defect that might affect the safety and health of employees is found out and repaired as soon as possible».

Directive 89/654/EEC of European Communities Council ;

European Standard 13241-1, dated 1 May 2005 involves:
  • Maintenance and safety: everyone's duty ;
  • Impact on safety rules ;
  • Specific impact on motorisation of a gate, a door, a fence, a shutter ...

«Any automatic door owner have to associate it with a maintenance contract» Decree 12/11/90

EN 13241-1 require safety of doors to be demonstrated, so the door must not shear, pinch, crush or drag anyone in his movement.

2/ Economic :

Effectiveness, quality, productivity, reduction of costs are product manager's main concerns in order to provide the best performance to their own customers. Entrusting EMI with your equipments' maintenance, you can focus on your main activity.

Our availlability and our responsiveness are major asselts.

3/ Safety:

One of the maintenance's main purpose is enhance safety by reducing risks.