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After a 25-year career as an officer in the French army, Michel FRANCE started a new venture, establishing EMI on January 2nd 1998 in Chavelot (Vosges). He moved to the Gabiotte site in Fougerolles a year later, when the company was a dealer-installer of industrial doors.

EMI promptly moved the focus of the company to the maintenance and quality control of industrial doors. It also developed the services of lock-smithing and manufacturing.

The companys experience in the industrial field began when EMI International was founded in Romania, July 2000, selling, installing and maintaining the equipment manufactured and distributed by EMI France.

In 2001, the JACQUES Company in DUTTLENHEIM was bought out in the urban STRASBOURG area. This company specialised in the supply and installation of industrial closures.

In 2003 EMI strengthened its position in Romania by establishing MCI Inginerie, taking over the millwork and locksmith services of the DACIA Automobile RENAULT group. This company now manufactures 70% of wooden packaging made for the exportation of LOGAN products and employs 90 people.

In order to secure PET corner block manufacturing, intended to assemble DACIA packaging (EMI INTER patent) in 2005, EMI sourced some parts from a plastic injection moulding company called QUATO PROD PLAST.

Based on the EMI International paradigm, we created EMI RUSSIA in 2004, EMI MOROCCO in 2006 and EMI UKRAINE in 2007.

The same year in Fougerolles, we separated installation, maintenance and control services from all manufacturing activities by creating EMI CONCEPT.

At the end of 2007, the European leader in housing closures, ATRYA group, bought out 34% of EMIs capital.

International areas of future growth include LYBIA, TOGO, SENEGAL and INDIA.