Special flexible doors.06/2006
EMI has designed and implemented special flexible doors that are resistant up to 120°C.
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Key partner in Romania.11/2006
EMI: a key partner
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Expand in Morroco.02/2007
EMI expanded in Morocco in February 2007.
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EMI expands in Ukraine.06/2007
June 2007, EMI expands in Ukraine
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Atrya, a new partner.12/2007
ATRYA group, the European leader in housing closure.
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We provide solutions tailored to your business activities, thanks to a large range of equipment.

In 10 years, we have become one of the key partners in the industrial doors industry.


For example, you wish to:

  • Accomplish your plans for international establishments: we use our experience to help our customers and partners by providing technical solutions best suited to their activities with reliable deadlines.
  • Protect your commercial and industrial premises: our shutters, metal grills and sliding glass doors are both functional, attractive and effective against intrusion and robbery
  • Safeguard the perimeter of an area: we provide a full range of fencing (highway type,  industrial, agricultural, ...)
  • Develop a highly efficient logistic hub: our docking systems (dock-shelters, dock-houses etc) meet the requirements of meticulous logistical operations.
  • Isolate a sensitive area: our three types of flexible doors meet the constraints of every industry (retail, logistics hub, metal industry, automotive, food, pharmaceutical ...)